2014 Great Garage Giveaway

The Ruebush Garage

Built August 2014

2014 Great Garage Giveaway Garage in Good Hope, Illinois

And the winner is...
Marilyn Ruebush!!!

2014 Great Garage Giveaway Winner Marilyn Ruebush & her husband Ron Ruebush of Good Hope, Illinois

Marilyn & Ron Ruebush of Good Hope, Illinois

The Ruebushes signed up for the Great Garage Giveaway at the Feb. 2014 Farm Show at WIU in Macomb, IL. They said that the Farm Show was the first they had heard of Coach House Garages. When called that they had won this years garage, they had to check us out on our webpage to be sure it was a real company and that we were giving away a garage! After going to our webpage Ron said he started to believe that they could have won our drawing. They are excited and look forward to the new addition to their home.

2014 Great Garage Giveaway Winner Marilyn Ruebush & Roger Lundeen Coach House Garages of Galesburg Garage Design Consultant Roger Lundeen

2014 Great Garage Giveaway Building Site


 Marilyn with Galesburg area CHG Design Consultant, Roger Lundeen.

Future building site of the Ruebushes new garage.

Coach House of Galesburg Garage Design Consultant Roger Lundeen had the pleasure of getting to know the Ruebushes when he went out to their home to determine their eligibility to accept their prize and go over their options during the initial onsite garage design consultation. Roger asked them about a short story and they said it will be real short!

Ron & Marily have been married for 55 years.  They both grew up in the area. Ron graduated from WIU in 1961. Marilyn stayed home and raised the children. When the children were grown Marilyn had various jobs to keep busy. They are very active people and like to be on the go. As well as living in this area they have lived in Kansas, Colorado and California. They moved to this house in Good Hope, IL about 12 years ago and have needed another garage for all of that 12 years.

We are pleased to be working with Ron & Marilyn and look forward to helping make their garage dream come true!!




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